Инструкция по применению лекарственного препарата
Инструкция по применению РадаГель
РадаДент плюс гель-фотосенбилизатор тканей к световому излучению.
Инструкция к применению.

«Radachlorin®» concentrate for production of intravenous solution 0,35%

Performance criteria of «Radachlorin®» effectiveness concluded in a number of clinical trials and observational programs, where the percentage of efficiency in comparison with other photosensitizers was much higher.

1. «Radachlorin®» the most selective and quickly accumulates in the tumour tissue, thus:

a. reduces the duration of the medical intervention;

b. reduces the cost of drugs for anaesthesia;

c. reduces the costs of providing symptomatic postoperative treatment;

d. reduces the duration of inpatient treatments.

2. «Radachlorin®» has a long shelf life, which suggests the persistence of the active substance and, accordingly, the reliability of clinical effect of the drug.

3. «Radachlorin®» has the optimal (soft) dosing mode that reduces the toxic effects of on the body drug, reducing costs of health facilities for the maintenance of patients, but also increases the effectiveness of treatment in various pathological processes.

These studies were conducted at leading research institutes of the Russian Federation. In the study of the physicochemical properties of the drug substance «Radachlorin®», as well as its preclinical study was attended by leading Russian pharmaceutical research organization:

- Research Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmacopoeial Committee of the Ministry of health of Russia - Research Institute of biomedical chemistry of RAMS

- FSUE State Scientific Center for Antibiotics

- Institute of State Control of Medicines of the Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

- Institute of Experimental Diagnostics and Therapy of Tumours, Blokhin Russian Oncological Scientific Center etc.

The materials of clinical study Reports «Radachlorin®» was obtained on the bases:

1. Blokhin Russian Oncology Scientific Center (2002-2004)

2. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Center (2002-2004)

3. Chelyabinsk Municipal Clinical Hospital №1 (2003-2004)

4. Vladimirskiy Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute (2005-2007)

5. Pirogov Russian State Medical University (2005-2006)

6. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Center (2013-2015)

7. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (2013-2015)

«RadaGel®» gel for light-therapy procedures 0,5%


Registration certificate:
№ ФСР 2012/13605 from 29.06.2012.

«RadaGel®» is used in gynecology, ENT, dermatology, cosmetology and 
other areas of medicine for conducting of light-therapeutically procedures, 
a radiation source for which is a laser with a wavelength 662±3 nm.

Hypersensitivity to any component. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Childhood (there is no experience of use of the product).

Preparation of the work product.
Special preparation is not required. Storage conditions must be 
strictly adhered to.

Product’s application.
To activate the gel is semiconductor laser devices with a wavelength 
of 662±3 nm is used.
Storage and use.
Keep at temperature from 0 to +80C, protected from light and inaccessible to children. Shelf life 2 years. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the package.

«RADADENT® plus» gel-photosensitizer of tissues for light emission 1%

«RADADENT®plus» solution for processing of hard teeth tissues 0,35%





Exogenous discolourness

Advantages of «RadaDent®plus»
Has a fast and pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
Provides bacteriostatic effect without the use of antibiotics and antiseptics, which prevents the formation of resistant microflora.
The formula of photosensitizer «RadaDent® plus» is elaborated with the specificity of the PDT in the dental practice.
The components included in its composition, allows active substances to penetrate deeply in the soft tissue and hard tissue of the tooth.
No side effects (except cases of individual intolerance of the components).
Various release forms to allow effective treatment in various pathological processes.

Official clinical base
The method of PDT with «RadaDent® plus» was tested and used in leading dental educational institutions in Russia (Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Moscow State Medical Stomatological University, Federal Medical Biological Agency etc), and also included in the program of thematic advanced training for doctors dentists medical Academy of postgraduate education.

Further education
Studying the methodology of PDT with «RadaDent® plus» is carried out at the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education (Department of dentistry) as well as in Study-clinical Center of Professor I. Shugailov.